12 of the Best BOS Blogs of 2013

New Beginnings

Last year, Blue Ocean Systems Singapore published over 50 blog posts (53 to be precise!) With each post, we aim to update our readers on important SAP advances, inspire new thinking and approaches to doing business and also share news, tips and advice across a range of business areas. If you missed any of last year’s posts, here’s a run down of the top 12 from 2013…

In January our focus was on the latest version of the world’s favourite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for growing companies – SAP Business One Version 9.0. We looked at the SAP roadmap and the extensive list of upgrades, enhancements and new features this latest version brought with it, including business logic improvements, extensibility and supportability as well as technology infrastructure. Click to read the SAP Roadmap post.

February’s blog posts delivered us the business side of SAP Business One Version 9.0 updates and how the changes could particularly help small businesses. The most popular post for that month looked at why businesses benefit from using an out-of-the-box solution instead of spending dollars, time and effort on a customisable system. Click to read February’s top post.

March was an exciting month for Blue Ocean Systems – it was time for us to introduce the game-changing technology of SAP HANA. Our favourite thing about HANA? It’s hard to pick just one, but the biggest benefit to our clients has to be the ability to manage and leverage their Big Data sources. Click to read our Big Data post.

In April, we looked at several ways in which small businesses can leverage an ERP, even if they think they are too small for such software. We often hear from prospective clients who are very keen to improve their business processes but feel an ERP is just ‘too big’ for them. Read our post on why starting small with an ERP solution is your best growth strategy. You might also enjoy this short video that debunks the myth about SAP being too big.

In May, we got tough on the health of your business and asked some difficult questions about how well your systems and processes really stood the test of time. Click to read more about your business health check.

June was all about the details of SAP HANA and how the right kind of drama is good for your business. From the technical know-how needed to install SAP HANA successfully, to the innovation it can bring to any company, we covered it all. Read it again here.

In July, Blue Ocean Systems turned 10 and we celebrated in style! We looked back over our first 10 years, how we overcame major challenges and lessons learnt along the way. Click to reminisce with us again.

August brought another important milestone for us – the anniversary of the launch of SAP! We took this opportunity to answer some of the frequently asked questions received by the Blue Ocean Systems team, as well as how SAP maintains it’s superior quality standards. Click to read more about SAP quality.

In September, we discussed a few ways that the right ERP solution can help small businesses to create sustainable enterprises for generations to come, and why your customers should be leading your success. Read about how to put your customers first here.

October’s posts focussed on the global economic downturn, and how small businesses can leverage the fickle and unstable marketplace for their own success. Our top post from October was all about how to navigate effective decision-making; read it again here.

November was about analytics and the true power SAP HANA can bring to your boardroom! From super charging your supply chain to creating exceptional customer experiences, SAP HANA can help you do it all. Read our post on predictive analysis to discover more.

And finally, December – a natural time to review and reflect on the past year’s success and improvement areas. Click to read our tips on taking stock of last year’s performance.


2013 also saw Blue Ocean Systems launch our very own SAP Business One HANA Facebook community – are you part of it yet? Click here to join now!

2014 brings another exciting year for SAP and Blue Ocean Systems and we look forward to delivering more informative content to our readers.


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