10 Ways to Manage your Company from your Phone or Tablet


Even in today’s super-tech world of gadgets, apps and devices, there are still some daily business tasks which just seem impossible, or too cumbersome, to perform without reverting to a desktop PC or notebook. Despite what glossy business magazines say about part-time bosses, most C-level officers can still only dream of the day when they can work anywhere in the world with the same access to corporate data as they do in the comfort of their own office.

With evolving mobile technology tools built by SAP, however, that dream might be closer than you think. This week’s blog looks at 10 common business situations which can be managed using the SAP Business One mobile interface for iPhones and iPads.


Situation 1 – Approvals and Alerts

Your Operations Director is attending a full day offsite conference. An urgent order has been placed by a high profile client which only the Operations Director can approve due to the high volume.

Mobile solution

The Operations Director will receive a customised alert with the approval request. He is able to process the approval without leaving the conference room. If further information is required prior to sending the approval, he will be able to access the relevant content from his iPhone or iPad.

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Situation 2 – Business Partners

As the Business Development Manager, you are having lunch with the Sales Director of one of your most profitable clients. They are threatening to cease their contract with you because even after repeated emails, phone calls and faxes, your company has still failed to update their delivery address correctly, causing delays and additional cost.

Mobile Solution

You immediately access and update your business partner’s information including addresses and contact details, ensuring no future errors are made.

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Situation 3 – Inventory Management

You are the Head of Sales and in a meeting with a lucrative prospective client. They are very close to signing a big deal but are concerned about the product specification, as they have not seen the product yet, and also want to know how quickly the stock can be delivered.

Mobile Solution

From the SAP mobile application, you can view up-to-the-minute inventory levels, available quantities and prices, as well as detailed product information (including pictures).

[Read more about SAP’s inventory management]


Situation 4 – Sales Documents

You are a new sales rep within the company and in the middle of a meeting with a prospective client when they advise that the price you’re quoting them is much higher than your predecessor quoted just 3 months ago.

Mobile Solution

Access historic sales quotations and orders within the mobile application from your phone or iPad.

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Situation 5 – Customer Service

You are the on call customer service manager and receive an after-hours complaint call from an unhappy customer. Their issue had been previously logged but they did not receive the call back they were promised and now want to know what is happening with their order.

Mobile Solution

Search the service call records and view the solutions logged. Provide an instant response to the customer and enter a log for the next shift to follow up.


Situation 6 – Reports

As the Chief Information Officer, you travel extensively and want to access several reports whilst at the airport waiting for your delayed flight.

Mobile Solution

Customise, access and share up-to-date reports within the SAP Crystal Reports software from anywhere in the world.

[Watch an SAP reporting demo]


Situation 7 – Dashboards

At home after a long day of meetings, you are keen for your CFO to see the updated financials dashboard ahead of tomorrow’s finance meeting.

Mobile Solution

Dashboards can be pre-defined, customised and shared via email in either normal or full-screen mode on your iPhone or iPad.

[Watch an SAP financials demo]

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Situation 8 – Managing Sales Opportunities

You receive some negative feedback from prospective clients that different members of your sales team keep contacting them for a contract even though they have been told they do not require your products. When challenged, your sales team explains that they have no way of knowing whether a fellow sales rep has approached a particular client, especially when they are on the road so often.

Mobile Solution

View up-to-date sales opportunity information across departments, subsidiaries and countries including outcomes of sales meetings, order details (if any) and specific comments.

[Watch an SAP sales opportunity management demo]

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Situation 9 – Help Documents

In a team meeting, your customer service manager advises that his team is struggling to handle after hour service calls because they cannot access the help documents for each product unless they are at their desk.

Mobile Solution – All standard and customer-specific help documents are accessible for your team within the mobile application.


Situation 10 – Warehouse Data

Whilst visiting one of your company’s warehouses, the warehouse manager advises that there seems to be an ongoing issue with the stock being delivered to the wrong warehouse which is causing delays in orders being shipped out and unhappy customers.

Mobile Solution

View and update stock levels as well as warehouse information within the mobile application.

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Business doesn’t need to stop because you, your CIO or CFO is at a conference or travelling extensively – this is the modern world of business and a fully customisable and mobile business management platform will help to sustain your organisation for the future.

To learn more about how SAP Business One’s mobile solution can help your company, contact Blue Ocean Systems today.

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