10 Business Improvements SAP Business One 9.2 Will Bring


It’s that time again – when the hotly anticipated SAP Business One release arrives and the numerous enhancements help SMEs to run smarter and simpler than ever before.

As always, there is a lot in the latest release, but we’ve summarised the biggest and best changes for you time-conscious business owners to easily digest. There are also some great videos too, if you want a more in depth look.


1. Data ownership can now be managed by business partners

  • Access and visibility can be restricted
  • Various mechanisms to enable permissions
  • Safeguards your company data against theft


2. Job service alerts help to improve efficiencies

Job_Service_Alerts_SAP_B1_9.2 (1)

  • Users automatically notified when action is needed and the SAP application is closed
  • Alerts can be received anytime, anywhere to keep your business moving


3. Business revenue is easily reconciled against correct standards

Charts_of_Accounts_SAP_B1_9.2-1024x620 (1)

  • Chart of accounts can be added and matched across the system, including reports
  • Improved standards for revenue recognition to comply with various accounting principles
  • Greater flexibility including when goods are sold and invoiced in different periods


4. Track projects more effectively than ever before


  • Combine financial and project management data on one screen
  • Track whole projects and project ‘phases’ according to your business operations
  • Easily create project reports based on accurate financial and operations data


5. Run campaigns with vendors – and increase sales


  • Re-run saved campaigns to save time and money
  • Enhance communication with your vendors by using the newsletter and email campaign function
  • Use campaigns to send purchase quotations to multiple vendors


6. Become a business analysis whiz and understand what your enterprise data says

  • More options and flexibility in the dashboard module will ensure you can analyse data in a meaningful way for your organisation
  • Integrate MS Excel data into SAP Business One version for SAP HANA for the most holistic view of your company’s data
  • Intelligent forecasting enables improved business decisions with sophisticated what-if analysis, trends and seasonal factors


7. Keep your pricing in check

  • New pricing wizard lets you update global price lists and bulk price lists much more effectively
  • Various currencies can be used for conversion


8. Manage your forecast scenarios easily


  • Manage items in the warehouse according to sales forecasts
  • Ensures your business can deliver on promises without overstocking


9. Get the technical help when you need it (without the downtime)

  • Via the technical user (currently free of charge) your business (and business partners) can communicate directly with the new SAP backend
  • The remote support platform schedules regular back ups of the SAP HANA database resulting in more automation and less downtime


10. Use your browser to work in SAP

  • Your users can now choose to work within the SAP Business One platform on their MS Windows Desktop or in a browser – get the cloud experience on-premise
  • Enables secure access from any location with a compatible browser so users can be more productive



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We know these updates will make a huge difference to our customers and we can’t wait to see them in action. Contact our team of ERP consultants to understand more and learn how you can run smart in 2016.