Find out how SAP Business One helps you to optimize your purchasing decisions and record them in way that is easy to access and understand.


Procurement Processes in SAP Business One Simplifies Purchasing

SAP Business One is a complete and flexible software solution to manage essential processes in small and midsize businesses, including accounting and finance, sales and service, inventory and distribution, and purchasing and operations.

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SAP B1 Purchasing Processes

You can begin the purchasing process in SAP Business One by requesting quotations for items or services from your vendors / suppliers using the purchase quotation document. Once you have compared the vendors' quotes and found the best offer, you proceed to ordering the goods. To order the items or services, you create a purchase order document.

The next stage is the goods receipt PO. It is the stage when the inventory is received into the company. The goods receipt is followed by an A/P invoice, which is the request for payment. It is the only mandatory document in the purchasing process. It is possible to create the A/P invoice without first creating a goods receipt PO or a purchase order.

Reserve Invoices

In SAP Business One, you can create an A/P reserve invoice. This document is similar to a purchase order but includes a request for payment. The A/P reserve invoice is used when a vendor is concerned about the credit worthiness of his customers. In the purchasing process of SAP Business One, it is possible to return goods to the vendor if, for example, the goods you received were faulty. You can use a goods return if you based the return on a goods receipt PO or an A/P credit memo if the return is based an A/P invoice.

Document Creation

You can create a new document based on one or more existing documents. When you create a new document with reference to an existing document, only the documents that are still open are displayed. All documents for which you have not created a follow-on document have an open status. Open documents remain open until you transfer all items completely to the follow-on document, or until you manually close or reverse them.Each document affects inventory quantities and some affect the general ledger. The purchase order affects the available inventory quantity. The goods receipt PO increases the actual inventory quantity. If you create an A/P invoice without reference to the goods receipt PO, it will also increase the quantity in stock.


As far as accounting is concerned, the A/P invoice always creates an accounting transaction. It records freight and tax and updates the vendor account with the new outstanding balance.

The A/P reserve invoice only affects the available inventory quantity and creates an accounting transaction.

The goods return reduces the actual inventory levels. The A/P credit memo reduces the actual inventory levels and also creates an accounting transaction by applying negative amounts to the previously invoiced accounts.

Purchasing Reports for Tactical Insights

Analyzing your purchasing information is necessary for the success and efficiency of your business. SAP Business One provides several different reports for the Purchasing module that assist you in running your business. Some of the reports also include graphical displays, which facilitate information analysis. Use the sales reports to do the following:

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