The Blue Ocean Systems Story: 10 Years of Serving our Customers

10 Years of Blue Ocean Systems

July 2013 marks the Blue Ocean Systems’ 10th anniversary! In this post we share some of the major events and milestones along the way as we celebrate with our global team. At the heart of everything we do are our customers; we are always looking for new ways to meet their evolving needs throughout the digital age and the Big Data era. This post is dedicated to everyone who supported us along our journey so far – thank you!


Blue Ocean Systems Timeline

July 2002

  • TRW Systems Overseas Inc. is acquired by Northrup Grumman [Source]

March 2003

  • The IT Services division of TRW Systems Overseas Inc. in Asia is disbanded

  • Bettina Devan, Consulting Manager, offered the opportunity to continue serving TRW Systems Overseas Inc.’s SAP customers

July 2003

  • Bettina and Arun Devan incorporate Trellis Consulting Pte Ltd.

  • Starts activities with AMD Singapore and regional implementation rollouts including support for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore

November 2004

  • David Smith from IMG Americas, USA contacts Arun Devan through a mutual contact for assistance with a planned SAP Business One rollout from the US to Singapore

January 2005

  • Arun Devan attends SAP Business One course at SAP America’s Philadelphia office

February 2005

  • SAP Business One Version 2004 rollout for Entegris Singapore Pte Ltd confirmed and project completed within 3 months

July 2005

  • After being inspired by the book, The Blue Ocean Strategy, Arun Devan registers Blue Ocean Systems and the domain

August 2005

  • David Smith, John O’Neill and Eleanor Wu leave IMG Americas to start their own venture. Arun Devan invites them to setup Blue Ocean Systems USA and transfers the domain to them


  • Blue Ocean Systems USA and Singapore (still named Trellis Consulting Pte Ltd) initiate a 12 country SAP Business One rollout for the Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) company [Source]


  • The Singapore team supports additional SAP Business One rollouts for Kyocera Mita, Hasbro and The Lord Corporation


  • Due to the increasing integration with Blue Ocean Systems LLC, USA, Trellis Consulting Pte Ltd is renamed Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd.

  • Blue Ocean Systems USA and Singapore jointly rollout ECC 6.0 for the IMS Group into 17 Asia-Pacific countries. [Source]

  • Setup Blue Ocean Systems, Nepal as an SAP Education Academy and an innovation and development centre


  • Blue Ocean Systems adopts a new tag line: Your Business. Amplified.


  • Blue Ocean Systems Singapore becomes an SAP Channel VAR with Bronze status


  • Commence a marketing transformation after attending Richard Duffy’s (SAP Business One Evangelist) week-long workshop

  • Initiated social media and search engine marketing.


  • BOS starts to build a partner eco-system to offer high-quality standardised industry solutions to its customers [Source]

  • Blue Ocean System attains Silver status

  • Project completed for PS Fasteners is selected as ‘Best SAP Business One Project for 2012’ [Source]

  • BOS website undergoes major transformation and launches weekly blog articles for the business community (almost 100 blog articles to date!)


  • Blue Ocean Systems attains Gold status [Source]

  • BOS attains SAP Active Quality Management (AQM) Accreditation [Source]

  • BOS now employs over 25 SAP specialists, business development consultants and support staff

BOS invests in SAP HANA:

  • First Singapore SAP Business One VAR to acquire and build SAP HANA Competence

  • Commissioning an SAP HANA server

  • Enabling excellence in SAP B1A (SAP Business One with SAP HANA Analytics) and SAP B1H (SAP Business One with SAP HANA) Equipping internal talent with expertise via SAP HANA e-learning, open SAP online training, participation in SAP HANA workshops and the SAP CodeJam

  • Building a Facebook community with a large following (almost 6000 likes as of July!)

  • Developing HANA assets to support business analytics

  • Launching the inaugural SAP Business One HANA event in May 2013 with SAP and IBM

BOS takes strategic initiatives with national support to transform ourselves:

“We are delighted to celebrate this huge milestone for Blue Ocean Systems and we look forward to the next 10 successful years!”

About Arun Devan, Managing Director

Arun Devan

I lead a team of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) experts to provide tailored SAP Business One solutions for a wide variety of industry sectors with specialised functions and accessibility tools.

My proven track record of zero defect implementations, leveraging 25 years of expertise in SAP R/2, R/3 and B1 deployments ensures each and every client benefits from an efficient implementation of their SAP Business One solution to enhance their operational capacity and growth immediately. Blue Ocean Systems Singapore implements and integrates customised SAP Business One Solutions to help our clients increase profitability and improve operational efficiencies.

Specialising in the implementation and support of SAP enterprise applications for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), we combine extensive experience and an unblemished history to deploy the right solution quickly for immediate improvements.

Connect with Arun online, via Facebook or LinkedIn.

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