Key Influences on the BOS Journey (So Far!)

The Journey is Never Achieved Alone

As Blue Ocean Systems Singapore celebrates our 10th anniversary of business this July, we have been looking back at some of the key milestones and events along the way that have shaped how we do business today. As with any organisation, challenges and obstacles have only served us to constantly re-evaluate what we do for our clients and how we can provide better services and solutions for them.

Here are some of those significant turning points in our journey so far;


SAP Business One (2005)

  • A huge leap forward for SMEs to access affordable and flexible ERP technology (previously only possible for larger corporations and MNCs)

  • The technology was simpler and rich in functions tailored to SMEs

  • A refreshing opportunity in a new market segment; although SMEs were often unable to invest in technology on this scale before, this now provided an opening

  • Less complex projects with shorter implementation time meant this market expanded rapidly and enabled SMEs to grow exponentially

  • High impact solutions supported our customers in turn to provide their target audience with more sophisticated offerings and improved services


Your Business. Amplified. (2009)

This tag line united our group of Blue Ocean Systems’ companies.

Our customers are central to all that we strive to deliver and our SME customers invest a lot of their own dreams, energy and capital into their businesses. No customer of ours decides to go with an SAP solution lightly. The ones that choose SAP are confident of their growth and we are happy to support the amplification of various aspects of their businesses;

  • Amplify Turnover

    with greater insight into their operations, improved financial reporting and cash flow management etc

  • Amplify Productivity

    with fewer manual efforts, reconciliations between islands of automation, and standardised workflows etc.

  • Amplify Internal Control

    so that the entire organisation can function as one in pursuit of greater opportunities, i.e. streamlining sales opportunities through prospect management (CRM)


SAP Channel VAR (2010)

  • During the initial phase of our operations supporting global SAP Business One rollouts, our business was simpler but less predictable

  • Eventually, we had to apply to become an SAP Business One Channel VAR to build a more sustainable SAP practice

  • Our practice helps us build long-term relationships with our customers who experience steady states of growth in their turnover, headcount and operational complexities and we are proud to support them at each stage

  • Achieving SAP Gold Partner status was also a key milestone on our journey [read more]


Social Media (2011)

We recognised that any organisation not leveraging the relationship-building power of social media would be left out in the cold and we took steps to ensure the Blue Ocean Systems brand was top of mind with clients and prospects.

Our efforts in social media marketing have also helped us greatly in reaching our marketplace. It supports our selected marketing methodology for business success – Duct Tape Marketing’s Marketing Hour Glass.

The key stages in this methodology are:

Know > Like > Trust > Try > Buy > Repeat > Refer

We are active on;

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn


Team Ramp Up (2012)

We were fortunate to attract high quality talent to support our ramp-up and subsequent growth. Key business development talent secured our initial wins and built our extended solutions network of partners: systems infrastructure solutions, industry solutions and extended functionality solutions.

Our consulting team members brought technical expertise to support all phases of the services we deliver: pre-sales, project management, development of a business blueprint, extended configuration and development, training, testing and support.

Our team is committed to continuous learning to support industry-specific solutions and extended high impact innovations like SAP HANA.

We were also lucky to tap on a pool of high quality talent on a part-time basis to support our demand generation and lead generation activities. Have you met the BOS team yet?


SAP Active Quality Management Accreditation (2013)

We are dedicated to long-term relationships with our customers and high quality deployments help us sustain and retain those relationships.

Aligning the entire company around SAP’s Active Quality Management (AQM) programme has helped us communicate internally how and what we should do to ensure high quality deployments.

We are one of very few SAP Channel VARs in Singapore that are certified AQM partners. [Read more]


SMART (2013)

This programme triggered our goal to persistently search for ideas to become better.

Our SMART consultant introduced us to various schemes we can tap on to secure experts that can lead us to greater heights. [Read more]


SAP HANA (2013)

The technological game changer for us in many ways; SAP HANA has brought about many significant improvements to solutions we can offer our clients. We have fully embraced the SAP HANA revolution in the following ways;

Server & Systems Environment

  1. Purchased our 128GB RAM HANA server – 1st SAP Business One Channel VAR in Singapore to do so

  2. Installed SAP HANA Platform & SAP Business One Analytics (B1A)

  3. Configured backup, scratched B1A environment, restored B1A successfully

  4. Installed SAP Business One HANA (B1H) Ver 8.82

  5. Installed B1H Ver 9.0

SAP HANA Enablement

  1. Core team completed SAP B1 HANA e-learning

  2. Core team attended SAP enablement workshops for SAP B1 partners & external parties

  3. Core team completed In-Memory Database Technology Warmup online course @ openSAP

  4. Project management methodology updated for SAP HANA projects. SAP has informed us that AQM version for HANA may be available in 2013 Q3.

  5. Remaining members of BOS team have embarked on HANA e-learning

  6. The entire BOS team underwent in-house enablement workshop

  7. Team started to build new SAP HANA based assets: dashboards, analytics, reports, etc.

  8. Installed SAP Lumira

  9. Selected members of core team attended SAP HANA Code Jam in early June 2013

  10. Half of the BOS team have completed the SAP HANA Developers Final Exam @ openSAP

  11. Collaborated with Blue Ocean Systems’ group of companies on various SAP HANA initiatives

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Value & Community Building (2013)

  • SAP B1 HANA Facebook Community Page where daily content is loaded to provide information and support to those interested in finding out more about how SAP HANA can help their business. The page current has over 6000 Likes!

  • BOS Pinterest Board; providing a central data point for SAP and industry infographics and blog resources

  • Organised inaugural SAP Business One HANA event in early June in collaboration with local SAP representatives [see photos]

  • Currently negotiating to embark on our first SAP Business One HANA project


Design Thinking (2013)

In an effort to invigorate our team with a design-frame-of-mind, we initiated a Design Thinking project under SPRING’s Design and Engage programme. This will shape our transformation for the next stage of our growth and development and we have already seen some innovative strategies in action!

SAP HANA will have a large impact on this transformation which includes;

  • Clarifying our message to the marketplace

  • Outlining the organisational structure to support the next stage of our development

  • Identifying additional resources that we need to recruit and develop to enable this growth

The entire Blue Ocean Systems team is really excited about what the future holds for our customers and our yet-to-be customers – we truly believe that by putting them at the forefront of our focus, we can continue to reach and extend beyond our goals.


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