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At Blue Ocean Systems, we are always working to bring clients the latest and best tools to support their business goals. Our global ecosystem of industry partners delivers solutions for everything from manufacturing, ecommerce and HR to healthcare and equipment maintenance.

Recently we have also started working with Ericom, a leading provider of browser-based tools that accelerate other applications in the cloud, and on desktops, including SAP Business One – across all industries.


Let’s learn more…

Ericom has been working with their global clients for more than 20 years and currently has over 30,000 customers, with millions of users worldwide, using Ericom’s range of solutions.

Their Accessnow tool is a premier line of HTML5 RDP clients enabling instant access to a wide range of Windows applications and desktops running on Microsoft RDS/Terminal Services and leading VDI platforms.

The solution can also support access through any device with an HTML5-compliant browser, including ipads, Android tablets and Google Chromebooks.

Our customers will be able to access the full SAP Business One suite on the go and can be used instead of the SAP Business One mobile application.




What does this mean for an SME running SAP Business One?

By using a tool like this, SMEs are able to give more flexibility and accessibility to their employees wanting to access SAP Business One – this could be from home or on their own device at work (as part of a Bring Your Own Device – BYOD – policy), without having to worry about security issues or data breaches.

It also means your organisation can become more productive with employees able to access their applications in a familiar, quick and safe way. Your SAP Business One application could be accessed from company or employee-owned laptops, tablets and even smartphones once set up with the necessary log in.




Whilst a key highlight of Accessnow is the cloud-based technology, an on-premise version is also available. Ericom work with a wide variety of clients, with strict security requirements, including banks and financial institutions; their Accessnow solution meets international security standards for banking so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Bringing new or casual employees into SAP Business One will also be easy; no installation of clients on laptops or desktops will be necessary as Accessnow is available with any internet browser.

Also, companies who run global projects or have employees based in different locations can really benefit from Accessnow’s flexibility – access to the same business platform is made easy across any device with internet browser capability.




Is there a lengthy or expensive set up process?

No, on both counts.

The installation happens as soon as users enter the URL into their device and they then have instant access to their SAP Business One application.

Due to the cloud-based technology, the cost is minimal too and starts from just US$2.70 per month, with two flexible schemes for SMEs to select from.


Can I see how it works?

Watch a product demo, and obtain a free trial to see what Ericom can do together with your SAP Business One application.


If you’d like to hear more about how SAP Business One and Ericom’s solutions can help your organisation, contact us today.


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