Are you using several disconnected systems within your business? Does each department work in isolation from other departments? Why? SAP Business One can integrate your existing programs and departments to give you a clearer overview, and better control.


Seamlessly integrate your entire business!

Legacy systems used by SMEs are often numerous and cumbersome. As a company becomes more established, they use separate systems for their various departments, be it HR, accounting, or warehousing. Once critical mass is reached, the old systems do not support business growth, and become excessively inefficient. SAP Business One can help you to overcome these limitations.


Inter-Department Integration

  • Complete visibility and better control of your organisation
  • Improved communication and mutual understanding facilitated between departments – a shared system reduces the likelihood of confusion and errors caused by varying sources of information
  • Better decision-making. Decisions are no longer made in isolation with limited information, or with a lack of understanding of their impact on other departments.
  • Centralized and integrated core business functions on a common software infrastructure, eliminating divergent processes and disjointed spreadsheets and databases. Delays and time wasted on double work can effectively be eliminated.

Inter-Subsidiary Integration

Subsidiaries need to be nimble to meet their strategic purposes, be it growing the organization, market penetration, or cost reduction through global sourcing or manufacturing. They need room for flexibility, while still fitting into the overall corporate structure. This is where SAP B1 steps in.

  • Reduce the time, effort and cost to expand your business
  • Quickly and affordably integrate operations at corporate offices to increase visibility while maintaining the agility and responsiveness needed in subsidiary operations
  • Centralized core business functions eliminate disparate processes and databases.



Inter-Subsidiary Integration II

SAP B1 helps your extended enterprise to work as a single, coordinated operation with features such as:

  • Financials Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Purchasing
  • Reporting and business intelligence

Integration with Other Applications

SAP B1 easily integrates with existing applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps and Magento. Examples of functions that may be connected:


SAP Business One supports a range of E-Commerce platforms, including Magento Enterprise, Shopify, Prestashop, Zen Cart, Bigcommerce, and even eBay and Amazon. Examples of supported functions include:

  • Delivery and order status updates
  • Customer contact information synchronization
  • Order synchronization: sales orders sync back to SAP B1 as ERP sales orders. eBay bidding takes price differences into account, and records them as discount in SAP B1 sales orders.
  • Inventory updates



Email Integration

Microsoft Outlook integration allows users to:

  • Save emails as activities in SAP Business One
  • Save original email text and file attachments as attachments to an activity in SAP Business One
  • Create follow-up and reminder settings for activities

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