Are you satisfying your customers' needs? Make sure you are, before your competitors lure them away! Loyal customers have a significantly higher lifetime value and help you to grow your business by spreading positive word of mouth. Find out how to keep them happy below!


Keep your customers happy with SAP B1

Is your sales and support team always growing? With SAP Business One (SAP B1), it’s easy to keep new staff members up to date from their very first day in the office! You don't have to waste time consolidating information about your existing customers and verbally explaining your their demographics, preferences, and past history with these customers to new sales team members.


Automatic Insights

Repeat customers already have useful data in your system, including personal details – who was the person you sold your product to, and who sold it? What is your customer’s role and industry? What have they ordered from you? When?

This data helps you to:

  • Predict when your customer may need to reorder, upgrade, or perform maintenance and repairs for their products. You may then send them a reminder email to prompt their next purchase.
  • Personalise all communication and product offerings to suit repeat customers.
  • Understand your overall customers’ behaviour, and target the right audience of potential customers more effectively.
  • Cross-sell products based on current and previous purchases.
  • Price your products appropriately for repeat customers. What price did your salesperson charge them the last time? Was it a promotional price to entice a first-time purchase? Don’t be caught off-guard! Under-pricing your products might eat into your profit margins, and over-pricing might harm your credibility and cause customers to become distrustful of you.
  • Quickly figure out what products are popular, and what is becoming obsolete. Knowing this will allow you to effectively plan production and pricing strategies to reduce losses from being caught off guard.
  • Easily recall defective products for damage control purposes. With records of each and every sale in your system, you know the exact serial number and model of products sold to specific customers, and can prevent harm from occurring the moment a fault is found. You effectively avoid massive legal fees, and prove your dedication to your customers by admitting a mistake before being found out.
  • Free up your sales team to pursue and close more deals instead of performing administrative sales processing and follow up tasks.

Find out how SAP B1 generates real-time insights for other aspects of your business here!

Self-Service Solutions

In recent years, customers have shifted away from the desire to speak to customer service representatives, to obtaining information on their own in speedier, more efficient ways. Blue Ocean Systems’ unique self-service solution ZiZu empowers your customers to resolve problems faced on their own instead of wasting precious time going through your support team.

With ZiZu, customers can:

  • Do a product search with specific details catered to their needs
  • Locate sales documents necessary for accounting and other reference or administrative purposes 24 hours a day
  • Complete steps of the sales process, such as submission of documents, without frequent sales team follow ups
  • Analyse their current and past transactions with intuitive graphs
  • View immediate and accurate updates to their sales order

By empowering your customers and automating sales processes, you are essentially shifting responsibility and tasks away from your sales team, so that they can focus on bringing new deals in instead.

Would you like to find out more about our unique Self-Service Solutions?

Check out our ZiZu page (complete with explainer and demo videos) to find out more!


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