In a slow economy, every cent saved is essential. Find out how we help you to cut costs without cutting corners!


Reduce your business costs with SAP B1

People are often baffled that cost reduction is one of the major benefits offered by working with SAP Business One. The sudden cost outlay of an ERP implementation may be intimidating for many, particularly smaller businesses. However, you quickly reap returns on your investment, and even save money in the medium term.


Lower Technology Costs

SAP Business One is a software priced for small businesses, and offers a cloud deployment model for companies that want to avoid the capital investment and resources required by an on-premise software implementation.

  • Businesses are able to do away with the need for large IT departments or even the need for at least one IT personnel in each subsidiary. Checkpoint Systems Inc., Europe, has a single internal IT person supporting the application and business network for 55 franchises, at a very low cost.
  • SAP Business One is a system that can be implemented quickly with the help of Blue Ocean Systems’ capable team, is uncomplicated to maintain, and minimizes end-user training.

Enhanced Productivity

Business often lose valuable man hours spent on tedious administrative tasks and inefficient communication systems.

Out of a study of 698 firms over seven years, the MIT Sloan School of Management found that firms implementing ERP systems experienced 10% greater labour productivity, 13% higher inventory efficiency, 15% higher asset utilization, and 9% greater payment collection efficiency on average.

With Blue Ocean Systems, you can get enhanced productivity both in the officeand in the warehouse!



In the Office

SAP Business One:

  • Helps you to analyze and manage your staff, your most valuable but also most costly resource. With efficient, automated data management processes reducing the need for manual tasks and double work, your employees will be able to work on critical tasks at more productive levels.
  • Allows you to intelligently identify and track KPIs, making it easy for you to reward the most productive members of your team, and either motivate unproductive employees or help them to achieve their KPIs by pointing out areas of improvement.
  • Generates reports in real time, so that you no longer miss out on sales opportunities or delay addressing critical issues. Heavy investments of time and money spent on creating reports internally or on outsourcing report generation can be spent on other income-boosting activities.

In the Warehouse

  • Manufacturing process glitches can be rectified quickly, avoiding costly delays and defects. Your employees are empowered to log issues with machines directly into your SAP ERP, system, complete with photos and scanning, to notify senior executives of what is happening on the ground immediately.
  • Intelligent procurement and production methods eliminate the need for manual stock counts and checking back against several sources of information before making decisions. The system automatically checks previous records of suppliers and customers for purchased models, quantities, prices, and so on.

Not only does this save time and manpower costs, you don’t have to worry about overpaying for stock or underpricing your products and services. Find out how automation helps you to free up your sales team and delight your customers!



Reduce Your Paper Trail

Small to medium sized businesses are often bursting at the seams with printed materials. Digitizing your documents with SAP:

  • Helps you to save time, money, and physical space (particularly important in expensive, space-scarce Singapore) spent on printing and storing documents. Not to mention saving the environment! [Find out more here:]
  • Allows you to quickly sort through endless sheets of data for the information you require, and generates real-time reports to help your team make well-informed decisions.
  • Prevents you from losing important information to physical degradation over time.

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