At Blue Ocean Systems, we take the time to understand your business and your teams, working alongside you and customizing an SAP solution to fit your needs perfectly. Discover the  benefits we can bring to your business!


Comprehensive Implementation

With Blue Ocean Systems as your partner, you:

  • Gain access to ongoing telephone, email, and face to face support and training
  • Are able to reach our helpful team from remote site connections
  • Receive support personalized to your team's requirements
  • Can customize your modules, screens, and work centres to suit different job roles.
  • Have the ability to add on specialised apps created by Blue Ocean Systems and our partners

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Business Growth

Increased Revenue:

  • Never miss out on a lead again
  • Never lose a sale because you've run out of stock
  • Manage your customer relationships and nurture potential customers conveniently

Supports Growth:

  • Store unlimited data
  • Add an infinite number of simultaneous users and locations
  • Easily expand overseas with the ability to input and translate data in multiple languages and currencies
  • Flexibly customize your solution as your business needs change

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Cost Reduction

Lower Technology Costs

  • Opt for a cloud deployment model to avoid heavy capital investments for on-premise implementation
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for large IT departments
  • Reduce time and resources spent on complicated training

Enhanced Productivity

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and excessive communications
  • Identify and track KPIs easily
  • Generate reports in real time and address critical issues immediately

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Customer Satisfaction

  • SAP B1 helps you to keep track of when to prompt your customers for reorders, upgrading, or maintenance
  • Personalize communication and product offerings for repeat customers
  • Empower your customers to find information on their own by granting them access to important data

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Real-Time Insights

  • Generate reports near-instantaneously to get an accurate overall picture of your organisation
  • Make accurate predictions for risks, opportunities, and potential outcomes
  • Visualise Big Data with interactive charts and diagrams

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Seamless Integration


  • Complete visibility and control
  • Improved communication and reduction of errors
  • Eliminates disjointed documents and decisions


  • Reduce the time, effort and cost to expand your business
  • Increase corporate visibility while maintaining your subsidiaries' flexibility

Other Applications

  • SAP B1 supports E-Commerce functions on platforms such as eBay, Magento, and even Amazon.
  • SAP B1 integrates with Microsoft Outlook to keep track of your emails in relation to business activities

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